“See Chicago that’s one-of-a-kind.”
– Vincent

Experiencing Chicago An Insider’s Guide

Chicago. The Windy City. A city of wonders where towering skyscrapers meet Midwestern charm.

But it can be a bit too much to take in without a local scoop.

That’s where I come in. A Chicago native and escape room owner for decades, I’ve got the insider angle on how to conquer this city. I’ve hosted tourists and business travelers at my escape room, and I have a fair idea what clicks and what doesn’t. And that’s what I am distilling here.

This guide is your no-nonsense shortcut to an unforgettable Chicago experience. Straight talk, solid advice, and tips that only a local would know. Whether you’re a budget traveler, an average tourist, or here on business, you’ll find what you need to experience our city with finesse.

Chicago is an international hub for finance, culture, commerce, industry, education, technology, telecommunications, and transportation.

Let’s make your Chicago trip epic.

Hi, I’m Vincent from Chicago.

A trip to Europe led me to ditch Silicon Valley and explore the world with my family.

Now I want to help you have an awesome Chicago trip with tips and recommendations that most guides don’t offer.

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